Introducing The Frontier SMILE

We built a Direct To Consumer Campaign that will evolve the way people shop for their Smile Makeovers, and we will connect them to your practice and put more $$$ in your pocket.


  • A targeted group of consumers will be informed and educated on veneers as we answer common questions in a fun and scroll stopping way through our “Veneers Explained” video series.
  • We provide a SMILE Simulation so they can show their family and friends what they could look like with a new SMILE.

Do you have any questions?
Contact Gil on Instagram – @gil_frontierdental

Complimentary Smile Simulations

Send your patients to to get a complimentary SMILE Simulation.

  • You will get an email containing their before/after, their contact information and a quick description of what they are looking for in their new smile.
  • When you refer a patient to, they will fill in your name on the contact form, and you’ll be the only doctor we refer them to.

Be On The Lookout For An Email Like This

Discover more about The Frontier SMILE Certificate of Authenticity


Do you have any questions?
Contact Gil on Instagram – @gil_frontierdental

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